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Own Your Truth Podcast

May 7, 2021

What if our perception of creativity was completely wrong? What if it’s not just something you’re born with, but a superpower that you can access by provoking your brain to get out of “shortcut mode” and think thoughts that have never been thought before? 

As the founder and CEO of Just a Squiggle, a creative...

Mar 29, 2021

Michelle Chu is the founder and CEO of Kono’s Kitchen, a pet treats company that is helping dog parents to build stronger connections with their pets, one treat at a time.

What I love most about Michelle’s story and the mission of her company, is that in addition to donating 10% of the profits back to the medical...

Feb 26, 2021

Yuri Williams is the founder of the non-profit A Future Superhero and Friends whose mission is to provide essential support for the homeless, veterans, sick children, low-income families, and anyone in need of uplifting. 
As a juvenile correctional officer for over twenty years, Yuri has restructured his entire work...

Feb 12, 2021

Found Coffee in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, is not just my favorite local coffee shop, it’s the place where my son had his first babycino. It’s where I wrote, edited, and created hours of content for this podcast and it’s the place that made this Northeast LA neighborhood feel like home. 

Annie Choi is the founder...

Jan 15, 2021

Imagine what it would look like to let go of the forward-facing image of your life, to leave your profession, and completely scrap reality as you know it? 

As a lifelong entrepreneur and Certified Reality Transurfing instructor, Renée Garcia has ventured deeply into the metaphysical practice of transforming pain...