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Own Your Truth Podcast

Apr 25, 2024

Chris Valdheims is an entrepreneur, writer, podcaster, and lawyer who is dedicated to helping creatives bring their visions to life.

As a client of Chris’s innovative law firm, Counsel for Creators, I didn’t just learn about how to protect my intellectual property or navigate contracts, I learned how to stop...

Feb 2, 2024

Paris Davis is a former Division 1 athlete, who leveraged sports, a job, and real estate to become the founder of multiple businesses, a national educator, and an adjunct professor at Saint Xavier University.  

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Paris is the kind of heart-centered human who also gifted his parents...

May 3, 2023

At the time of this recording, Emily Hartstone will have been hospitalized twice to receive the vital treatments she needs for her ongoing battle with Leukemia and severe graves disease. 

She also will have taken more than a few Zoom calls from her hospital bed and/or removed the IVs from her arm in order to meet her...

Dec 25, 2022

Before I interviewed Chris Wright, I had the opportunity to learn about some of the pivotal moments that shaped his life, and when I discovered the depths of physical and psychological trauma he endured at a young age, the one question that came to mind was: “How did this guy survive?” 

As the host of the In The...

Sep 15, 2022

This episode is about the art and practice of shutting down the ego and deeply listening to the only truth that matters. 

Because someday, we may get the most powerful insight and life-changing clarity we need, at exactly the moment we no longer have the patience or mental bandwidth to receive it.