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Own Your Truth Podcast

Apr 7, 2019

We all have a story, and that story includes: how we were raised, our family, our culture, and what we experienced leading up to this moment in our lives. However, it’s the way we perceive, and interact with our stories that makes us who we are. This is one of the many powerful insights learned from my conversation with Julianne Chapman.

She is a licensed clinical social worker currently working in private practice as a holistic mental health therapist, and self love and wellness coach. After eight years of investigating child abuse for the State of Oregon, she is now the founder and Executive Director of Family Friend, a non-profit organization that supports foster youth, and the families impacted by trauma and poverty.

In addition to her years of clinical experience, she is also a trainer and mental health consultant who is passionate about educating, and raising awareness of vicarious trauma, and the importance of self care for all individuals in the healing profession including: medical, mental health, social services, and education.

What makes Julianne extraordinary is the lens with which she views the human experience, and her ability to connect, and cultivate a safe space for people to rediscover their own self worth. 

So when you listen to this episode, I’d encourage you to pause, rewind, and take notes (unless you’re driving of course;) as there are so many insights, and powerful moments of reflection on the messy, and beautiful journey of being human.

This episode is a special dedication, and acknowledgement to Julianne, and the other incredible mental health providers out there who are fighting the uphill battle against the stigma of mental health.