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Own Your Truth Podcast

Jun 28, 2019

Diane Babcock and Rocky Cave were high school sweethearts who hadn’t seen each other in over forty three years. Then, one night while relaxing on the couch, with a glass of Merlot, and watching Pulp Fiction, a particular song, in a certain scene, triggered a powerful emotional response within Diane to reach out immediately to her long lost love.

She had no idea that her phone call would arrive at a pivotal moment in Rocky’s life, and ignite the journey of healing, reconnection, and true love, that I’m honored to share with you today. 

Diane is an incredibly talented writer, and a gifted communicator with a natural ability to listen, let go, and trust in the unseen, intangible truth within. 

Whether you believe in destiny or coincidence, Diane’s story is one of those rare reminders that life’s most beautiful moments may arrive when we have no reason left for hope.