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Own Your Truth Podcast

Aug 10, 2019

No matter who we are, we are all going to struggle at some point in our lives. While this is an inevitable truth of being human, what if we could talk openly about our struggles, share our stories, and build a toolbox for better living? This is the foundation of the message, and the mission of the Beyond Well podcast with Sheila Hamilton.

As a five-time Emmy award winning journalist, Sheila has worked in every media platform including documentary film, television, radio, podcasting, and is also the author of: All the Things We Never Knew, a powerful memoir about the journey of loving and losing someone with mental illness.

It’s not an easy task to try and summarize the strength, courage, and resilience of Sheila Hamilton, and my hope is that when you listen to this interview you will be inspired to read, absorb, and connect with her work as an author, mental health advocate, and professional storyteller.