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Own Your Truth Podcast

Sep 12, 2019

Linden Wolbert is many things to many people. To her loyal and loving fans, she is known as Mermaid Linden, the professional mermaid who specializes in “Ocean Edutainment” for kids and adults, ocean conservation, and swimming safety. 

To the countless families with kids who are faced with life-threatening illnesses, she is known as a granter of wishes, an angel, and a carrier of hope. 

As the Founder of Mermaids in Motion, LLC., her brand Mermaid Linden is also developing and designing swim products with Body Glove, and her Monofin design has sold in some of the biggest retailers in the world and is currently listed as “Amazon’s Choice” for monofins. 

Linden is not just an inspirational example of “Entrepremermaidship,” she is also the living embodiment of what we can achieve, and the lives we can touch, by listening to our internal guide and trusting in the power of our purpose.