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Own Your Truth Podcast

Dec 17, 2019

The families of our nation’s fallen military heroes are known as the Gold Star Families. This is an honor that no one wants as the void left behind in the wake of this ultimate sacrifice is one that can never be filled.

For the ones who made it back home, hanging up the uniform is often the beginning of a new battle with isolation, a lack of community, or a sense of purpose. 

Combat veteran and former Navy SEAL, Perry Yee understands the difficulties and emotional roadblocks that many veterans face during the transition from active duty to civilian life. 

As the founder of Active Valor, this incredible non-profit organization gives new purpose to veterans by pairing them as one-on-one mentors to Gold Star Children.  

This powerful idea of mentorship and mission-based adventures has created an opportunity for veterans to pass on the skills they’ve gained during their military careers and make a significant impact within the Gold Star Community. 

If you ever needed a moment to pause, reflect and put your life in perspective, this episode is it. It’s a reminder that there are good people out there who selflessly give their energy and their time to promote healing, build community, and create positive change in the world.