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Own Your Truth Podcast

Mar 29, 2021

Michelle Chu is the founder and CEO of Kono’s Kitchen, a pet treats company that is helping dog parents to build stronger connections with their pets, one treat at a time.

What I love most about Michelle’s story and the mission of her company, is that in addition to donating 10% of the profits back to the medical costs of rescue dogs, her focus, drive, and passion for sharing the imperfect journey of pet parenting has created a space for other pet parents to do the same.

Her legendary work ethic and love of learning have turned Kono’s Kitchen into a powerful community of support, educational resources, and a safe space to embrace the reality of the pet nutrition and parenting journey, instead of the curated version.

In this episode, we explore what it was like to launch a business in the middle of the pandemic, how to make heart-centered decisions as an entrepreneur, and what it means to live your definition of success.