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Own Your Truth Podcast

Aug 6, 2021

Lisa Winneke is the Founder of The Wholehearted Method, the host of the Good News Guide podcast, a speaker, author, and heart-centered visionary who has been deeply immersed in the personal development space for over a decade. 

After years of struggling with depression, coping with an eating disorder, and ignoring those "tiny nudges" from within, she courageously chose to leave her 20-year marriage in 2018, and forge a legacy of truth and wholeness for her sons and the world. 

Her ability to connect and transform her clients' lives and relationships is informed by her own journey of overcoming the doubt, judgment, guilt, and fear of crossing the bridge from half-hearted living into the wholehearted expression of her humanity. 

This episode is about the courage it takes to let go of something “good” in search of something extraordinary and how to amplify your truth, alleviate suffering, and create a space for profound and loving transformation.