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Own Your Truth Podcast

Apr 27, 2019

Something I’ve learned from this podcast, is that the power of human connection is an immeasurable force. We can meet one person, and have a single conversation, that can completely change the trajectory of our thinking, and bring awareness to those habits that are hijacking our potential.

Daniel Mangena is this person, and our conversation unlocked so many compelling truths about life, and what it means to fully embody our natural state of abundance.

As a transformational coach, international radio host, public speaker and author, Daniel has witnessed his clients step completely into their own power, and recognize they are the author, and creator of their life.

After my chat with Daniel, I took a moment to pause, and reflect on the kind of courage it takes to share what he shared in this episode.

Thank you Daniel, for giving so much of yourself to your clients, to your work, and for bringing the Beyond Intention Paradigm into the world.