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Own Your Truth Podcast

Jul 12, 2019

For some of us, our identity is the way we look, what we do, who we love, or the roles we fulfill in people’s lives. Now imagine what it would feel like to suddenly have all the layers of your identity violently stripped away in a single moment. 

For Gina Cummings, this moment was May of 2003, when she survived a nearly fatal car accident that left her with the permanent loss of normal phonation of her vocal cords, and stage five laryngeal separation. 

This episode is not just an incredible story of survival, healing, and growth, it’s an invitation to take a deeper look at our lives and ask ourselves what’s really important. 

Gina is living proof that we have the power to redefine ourselves, even in the midst of trauma, suffering, and isolation. 

In life, we can’t predict the unforeseen chaos that may destroy our vocal cords, but we can make a conscious choice to believe in the power of our own voice.