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Own Your Truth Podcast

Oct 6, 2018

Alex Ellis is a mobility coach, a self proclaimed “body nerd,” and self-care expert whose helping thousands of people to wake-up pain free every day. With a bachelors of science in exercise biology from UC Davis, her unique knowledge and integration of anatomy, biology, and yoga has led to the creation of what I believe is the “magic sauce” of mobility and wellness.

Alex is constantly creating, learning, and refining her process of helping people to...(in her own words): “Learn how to chill out, sleep better, and nourish yourself from the inside out, so you can stop feeling like a piece of burnt toast.”

In this episode, Alex and I get deep into the “whys” and the “hows” of what it takes to impact people's lives, how to find the balance, and those small changes we can make to create a life with more strength, power, and confidence.