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Own Your Truth Podcast

Jan 17, 2020

As a nationally-recognized strategic communications leader, social innovator, and the CEO of Tower26, Naomi Seligman has advised congressional leaders, entertainment visionaries, and advocacy groups on how to maximize their social impact and solve some of the most pressing problems facing our nation today.

When I was introduced to Naomi and learned about the significance of her work and the impact she was making across so many industries, my first thought was: “How can one human being become such a powerful force for change in so many people’s lives and also maintain the balance in their own life?” 

What she shared during our interview gave me a whole new perspective on life, work, family, and the choices we make to become the example that inspires the next generation. 

Naomi’s story is the origin story of courage and this episode will open your eyes to the possibilities that you can create by taking meaningful action in your life.