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Own Your Truth Podcast

Mar 6, 2020

Life can often feel like a constant exchange of energy and time. From the moment we wake up, we are thinking, planning, eating, moving, and accomplishing the tasks required to keep our daily routine intact. 

But what happens when we feel stuck, frustrated, or lose sight of the joy that exists in everyday life? This is when it’s time for a Cup of Casey. 

As an Eating Psychology Life Coach, Casey Schmidt is helping women to finally get off the destructive diet bandwagon and arrive at a place of peace and ease around food and their bodies.

The reason her approach is so effective is that it comes from a place of experience and navigating her own journey with food, body image, tragedy, and learning to grant herself grace for the struggles that would inform her work. 

Casey’s insights on parenting, healthy living, and relationships, are a powerful reminder that our life is a direct reflection of the love we pour into it.