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Own Your Truth Podcast

Feb 12, 2021

Found Coffee in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, is not just my favorite local coffee shop, it’s the place where my son had his first babycino. It’s where I wrote, edited, and created hours of content for this podcast and it’s the place that made this Northeast LA neighborhood feel like home. 

Annie Choi is the founder and owner of Found Coffee and her unique ability to build community, support local businesses, and create spaces for people to connect and collaborate is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. 

She’s not just a local business owner with an inspirational story, she’s also a friend and someone I’ve seen grow and evolve through: four break-ins at the shop (in the first three years of business), personal struggles, physical exhaustion, and a global pandemic. 

In this interview, we explore the silent sacrifices of leadership, how to adapt in the midst of COVID, and what it takes to build a legacy of community, growth, and connection.