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Own Your Truth Podcast

Feb 26, 2021

Yuri Williams is the founder of the non-profit A Future Superhero and Friends whose mission is to provide essential support for the homeless, veterans, sick children, low-income families, and anyone in need of uplifting. 
As a juvenile correctional officer for over twenty years, Yuri has restructured his entire work schedule to allow for three 16-hour shifts in a row, so that he can dedicate four days per week to his non-profit. 
Then, he dresses up like a superhero and gets to work. He visits skidrow, cancer wards, and families in need to deliver toys, medicine, food, and anything he can to bring light, relief, and a little extra joy into people’s lives. 
If you have never heard of Yuri Williams and his incredible organization, I hope this episode inspires you to dive deeper into the videos, stories, and interviews that have highlighted the life’s work of someone who I believe to be the finest example of selfless service and giving.