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Own Your Truth Podcast

May 7, 2021

What if our perception of creativity was completely wrong? What if it’s not just something you’re born with, but a superpower that you can access by provoking your brain to get out of “shortcut mode” and think thoughts that have never been thought before? 

As the founder and CEO of Just a Squiggle, a creative thinking company, Camila Kaul is dedicated to helping organizations & individuals turn their biggest problems into possibilities through the power of creative thinking. 

With her background in neuroscience, marketing and strategy honed at Harvard Business School of Management and as the Head of Sales Development & Strategy at Google for over a decade, Camila deeply understands the global, economic, and personal impact of creative thinking and how it can be used to improve our everyday lives.

In this episode we explore the process of kickstarting our brains to think differently, finding creative solutions to problems, and how to embrace moments of constraint as opportunities for growth and innovation. 

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