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Own Your Truth Podcast

Sep 3, 2021

When we become a parent, we are provided with two vital opportunities for growth and awakening. We can either consciously choose to confront the wounds of our past or unconsciously carry our generational pain into our relationships with our kids. 

Yummii Nguyen is someone who chose to confront her emotional wounds and create her own expression of motherhood with intention, love, and purity. 

As the founder and creator of The Motherhood Mindset, Yummii is a mindset coach who writes, teaches, and shares ideas on how to live a life guided by love and the journey of healing generational wounds through parenting. 

This episode is as real, courageous, and inspirational as it gets, as Yummii’s story of rising from a broken home to surviving immense grief and changing the trajectory of her life is such a beautiful example of what this human journey is all about.