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Own Your Truth Podcast

Jan 22, 2022

In 2021, I connected with Lu Bryant, an incredibly talented writer who found the courage to share her deeply personal story that quite frankly, changed my life. 

Her book, Tortured to Triumph, is a journey through complex PTSD and the story of a child who was neglected, abused, starved, torn from her siblings before the age of three, survived a near-death experience at age 7, and was declared legally dead by age 33. 

After eight months of conversations and learning about the heart-wrenching moments of Lu’s life, I was inspired by her incredible capacity to find gratitude within the darkness, strengthen her connection with spirit, and overcome the kind of insurmountable odds that would have destroyed the strongest of souls. 

This episode is a reminder that no matter how difficult the journey, we’re never alone, we can prevail, and our path to healing may open up a space for others to do the same.