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Own Your Truth Podcast

Nov 5, 2021

Emilie Given is the founder and CEO of She’s A Given, a Seattle-based virtual assistant agency that specializes in matching high-level executive assistants with business leaders and their teams. 

I was introduced to Emilie by a recent guest on the podcast when I realized it was finally time for me to hire my own virtual assistant but I had no idea of the incredible story I would discover in the process. 

After a near-death experience that forever changed her outlook on life, Emilie decided to leave her 9-5 job at Amazon Corporate HQ and built her own thriving six-figure thriving business to achieve a more balanced life with her family. 

This interview is as real, courageous, and vulnerable as it gets, as we explore how the pivotal moments in childhood, the strength of our relationships, and the will to survive those dark moments can forever change the course of life.