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Own Your Truth Podcast

May 1, 2022

Monique Scott is a Law of Attraction Coach who helps single women over 40 recreate the lives they truly want.
Through guided manifestation practice, coaching, and affirmation muzic, Monique’s work is about helping her clients to shift the negative paradigms in their lives and achieve their biggest goals. 
Something that she shared with me during our interview was that we can manifest something that we deeply desire only to discover that it’s no longer what we want or need. 
This ability to embrace the unknown and unforeseen outcomes has informed the journey of a courageous human being who was able to find forgiveness, gratitude and healing within the most traumatic chapter of her life. 
In this episode, we explore how to successfully manifest in alignment with your highest self, how to remain grounded in your spiritual journey, and how to navigate through the darkness with kindness and clarity.