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Own Your Truth Podcast

Feb 13, 2019

Nkem Ndefo is one of the most inspirational individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of chatting with. She is someone who knows her purpose, and lives her purpose, with a natural ability to connect, and inspire others to discover their own power.

She is the Founder of Lumos Transforms, and the creator of The Resilience Toolkit, a system of movement and mindfulness tools that teaches an embodied awareness of our own stress, and relaxation cycles.

The framework of the Resilience Toolkit provides individuals with evidence based tools to settle the nervous system, reduce stress, and effectively connect with our own internal resources.

Licensed as a Registered Nurse, and Nurse Midwife, Nkem has experienced the most potent moments of transformation in people’s lives, and the insights she shared in this episode challenged me to dig deeper into what it means to really live well.

We explore what effective rest, and recovery actually looks like, and why it’s vital to prepare for change, and build our internal resources before we can move forward through trauma and stress.