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Own Your Truth Podcast

May 14, 2021

My 40th birthday will forever be known as the day I had my first bite of Baked by Sha Sha “funfetti” cake. That first bite was my “Ratatouille” / Disney movie moment where I was transported back to my childhood and fully immersed in the kind of delicious, sensory experience that happens when you can taste the love that an artist puts into their bake. 

Sharon Phillips is the founder of Baked by Sha Sha and her bespoke creations of clean treats & cheat treats are not just highly addictive, they are chapters in a story of self-discovery, family, growth, and the moments that remind us of the simple joys in life.

My conversation with Sharon was an insightful, incredibly fun, and vulnerable dive into the journey of entrepreneurship, being an introvert, honoring our unique gifts, and how to embrace the dark moments as fuel for success.